Patent Rights For Your Protection

A patent right enables exclusive use of ones invention for a specified time, going to up to twenty years in U.S. This forbids other companies or rather individuals from using your invention. Although you can patent your inventions, you are not able to patent a concept or an idea. You can also file an International Patent that can add to the protection of your product or idea. In this article, we look at how to get a patent. If this article is has an insufficient amount of information for you, check out Intellectual Pats – how to patent an idea.

Prepare the Idea

Before you can patent an invention you need to work on the original idea. You can file a patent for a device, an invention, or a design. Prepare a drawing of your device. You may need to prepare a drawing if your idea involves an invention or a design. You will also need to figure out if someone else already has a patent on your idea. You may need to hire a professional agent for this job. A professional patent attorney could prove to be useful as well.

Hire an Attorney

If you do not understand patent law, you may need to find a patent attorney. The patent attorney can represent you to the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Although hiring a patent attorney can get very expensive, the money may be worth it. Check out Los Angeles patent attorney.

There is no doubt that patent law is hard to understand. By hiring a patent attorney you may increase your chances of obtaining the patent. It can also save you a lot of trouble. You can normally find a directory of patent attorneys in your state online. Learn more about patent attorneys here.

Understand Your Patent

patent protectionIt would be prudent to have some idea of what you want out of the patent on your idea. Go to the PTO site and review all of the information offered. Try to understand the specification rules. You also need to understand that there are three types of patents. The three types of patents include plant patents, design patents, and utility patents.

A plant patent will be used if you have reproduced a new type of plant. The plant should also be distinct and noticeably different from other types. A design patent will be used on any ornamental, original or new design that you have created. A utility patent is used on any useful and new machine or process. You will have no choice but to classify your invention based on the categories provided to you.

Fill Out the Application

After you are able to classify your patent, you will need to apply for the patent. Fill out the correct application. Do not forget to include any extra information. You should also remember that there will be application fees that you will need to pay. You will have to pay for exam fees, search fees, and filing fees. You may need to include a written document that contains a declaration and a specification. You should also include a drawing if you need to do so.

Wait for the Process

While you wait, you can use the term patent pending with your invention. It may take a few years for the application process to finish. If you were denied, you will need to pay extra fees for an appeal.

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