DUI arrests have tremendously increased responsibility on American roads thereby reducing the number of accidents that take place. Tough DUI laws have led to arrests and convictions in many states with many offenders serving sentences and heavy fines as well as probation on release as necessitated by courts.

DUIA study released by showed the top 20 cities with DUI offenses as well as arrests rates. The results the research provided were arrived at after calculating the number of people who reported DUI violations to the insurance company. Cities with tough DUI laws topped the list with San Diego in California being the first. Policemen of the city were the main reason for the arrest of individuals who had broken DUI laws because of their zeal. San José California was ranked number two in the arrests, Charlotte in North Carolina was third, Phoenix in Arizona was fourth, Columbus in Ohio state fifth, Indianapolis in Indiana sixth while Los Angeles in California was ranked seventh. San Francisco in California was ranked eighth, Austin in Texas ninth and Jacksonville in Florida was ranked tenth.

This makes sense why the amount of attorneys advertising for DUI lawyers has increased so significantly.  Search for a Wisconsin DUI attorney, and you may have a few pay per click advertisements on the page.  Do the same search for a Washington DC DUI lawyer and the page is overwhelmed with ads.  You can then go to page two, three, four, and you still see advertisements.  One of the areas that has seen such an increase has been Phoenix, Arizona.  The cost for one pay per click advertisement can be as high as $250.  This tells you that a great Phoenix DUI lawyer is going be paid well.

The arrests in each city are in proportion to the number of resident individuals in the state. The high number of arrests stemmed from the outcry by stake holders in the Justice department over the huge numbers who are arraigned in court due to causing road accidents while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Advocacy from groups such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) has also led cities to toughen their DUI laws and penalties levied in case of an arrest. City courts have made it quite scary to drive while drunk due to the penalties after arrests.

Arrested individuals for example have to earn their licenses back even after they are released and have paid all the fines. This is done by installation of in-car breathalyzers which control when a subject can drive their own car subject to breath alcohol testing or going through educational programs which are aimed at evaluating whether it is safe to put convicted individuals back on the roads.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, motor vehicles are the leading cause of death in the United States for many young people. 40 percent of these deaths are alcohol related. Strong laws enacted in states and cities have served as a measure of curbing senseless road carnage and have also helped the number of people who drink significantly. Since some states do not necessitate that a driver is seating behind the wheel of a running car in order to face DUI charges, the number of people who drink and operate machinery has reduced. This is because most individuals do not know when they may be on the wrong side of the law as DUI laws are complex. This has led to a reduction of the total number reported in medical centers in most cities.

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